Sudoku Labyrinth

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Howdy fellas! As promised here’s another series of #BrainBusters. This time we bring to you two varieties of picture logic puzzles: Sudoku Labyrinth and Hanjie puzzles, which are fun to solve and just the right amount of challenging!
Figure out how to solve these and mail your solutions to
Brainbusters The first few responders to get the puzzles right will be featured on our page.

9x9 Grid?

This series of #BrainBusters introduces two varieties of logic picture puzzles: Sudoku labyrinth and Hanjie puzzle, which are fun to solve and just the right amount of challenging.

Sudoku Labyrinth

A puzzle with a grid containing a path that visits each cell of the grid. The beginning of the path is indicated by an arrow. The goal of the puzzle is to repeat the number sequence “1-3” or “1-4” (as indicated) in the path as many times as possible until the end of that path. Brainbusters The rules are:
1)Each row and column must contain each number of the sequence only once.
2)The sequences are repeated (in increasing order) in the direction of the path.
3)Each sequence must be complete (containing all the numbers).
Brainbusters Brainbusters Brainbusters

Hanjie Puzzle

A Hanjie puzzle consists of a rectangular grid with clues for each row and column which tell us about the number of consecutive shaded squares in each row or column. The order of the numbers tells us the order of the consecutive shaded squares. Correctly solving a Hanjie puzzle reveals a hidden picture, which can help us confirm that we are on the correct path as we solve. Brainbusters

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