Bazinga! Physics

By Maths And Physics Club

Howdy Fellas!

The Maths and Physics Club brings to you, the biggest Science Showdown of the year: Bazinga!

Challenging conceptual quizzes in Maths and Physics that force you to bring out the true tinkerer in you by explaining some of the most interesting phenomena using simple high school concepts. With prizes worth 10k at stake, battle it out with the smartest minds in the country, where your only weapons are concepts and your wit.

Because facts are nothing, concepts are everything! Compete amongst the best and win exciting prizes by answering challenging Maths and Physics problems, in the biggest gathering of Science enthusiasts in the Institute. Bazinga will begin with a preliminary round followed by a subjective quiz, judged by a brilliant panel of professors.

Venue : LA 002

Date: 24th August

Day: Saturday

Time: 8:45pm

Question paper

Question Paper with Solutions
Photos can be found here!