By Maths And Physics Club

Howdy Fellas!

Bringing you our institute’s very own Mathematics Olympiad: Mathathon. With no time-bounds, feel free to walk in and walkout anytime - never having to worry about those much needed “5 extra minutes” that you never had!

All you need is to get those grey cells racing and run the run till your steam blows out. If that hasn’t already made the mathematician in you enthused, then we also have prizes worth over ₹6K for winners in both categories - Freshers and Seniors (Yes, separate judging = more prizes!).

The quiz will be of several rounds with increasing difficulty.

Venue : LC 002

Date: 3rd October

Day: Wednesday

Time: 2:00pm

Questions Papers

Round 1 | Round 2
Round 3 | Round 4


Round 1 | Round 2
Round 3 | Round 4